February 4, 2017

Aditi Juneja (Business Developer)




Aditi Juneja first joined Avignyata as a business development manager – a role in which she delivered brilliantly. Since then, her role at Avignyata has evolved to an extent that she has done several different hats depending on the need at that point. For instance, she’s holds the primary client relationships on multiple accounts – effectively balancing expectations of clients, agency and agency teams as well as nurturing and growing our client relationships.

She also contributes towards building content and campaigns that drive business impact as well as create industry benchmarks.

Aditi is also an independent food consultant. She has offered consultancy to several restaurants and startups, helping them finalize their menus, set up operations and marketing etc. She blogs and tweets under the name @sociallyfoodie. She has been associated with several corporate food-centric projects with companies such as Weikfield, Godrej and Philips.

She has been able to seamlessly combine her dual passions for food and digital to create stellar results for our clients. Aditi has been instrumental in building some key client relationships for Avignyata.

In the past, she’s worked as a culinary instructor at the Nita Mehta Academy and Life Long Finishing School.