April 22, 2017

Daksh Juneja (COO)



Daksh Juneja, co-owner of Avignyata Inc., has been the ‘guy who gets stuff done’ at Avignyata Inc.

A social media catalyst who lives and breathes all things digital; Daksh’s ability to recognize opportunities and take initiative proactively has been a key factor in Avignyata’s growth over the years – both in terms of expanding the types of projects handled as well as executing them to perfection.

In his eight years with Avignyata, Daksh has helped clients unravel the mysteries of the Internet and worked on projects related to brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. He’s developed brand strategy and statistics systems for clients and along the way he’s built a wealth of knowledge on how the digital world works. Daksh is also a certified android developer.

He has also dabbled in writing as a freelance writer on technology related topics such as gaming apps on iOS for publications such as TechKnots, Iphonehelp and the Hindustan Times. He is also a guest lecturer at Manipal University & Indian Institute of Digital Education.

All through the years, Daksh has kept a sustained focus on learning, both through his work and through certification courses in Social media, Google Adwords and app development.

Daksh holds a BCom degree from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai.