About us

We’re all about digital, and a little more.

Avignyata came into existence way back in 2008. That was a time when social media/digital marketing was just beginning to gather steam. For most of our clients at the time, digital marketing was more of an afterthought, to be honest. It was something they invested in if they had budgets leftover from their ‘real’ marketing and branding programs.

But as big believers in the power of digital media, we persisted. It wasn’t very long before our clients experienced firsthand, the magic of digital communication. We’ve never looked back since then.

Over the years, things have changed and how! Brands today have woken up to this indomitable force called the Internet and its significant clout in making or breaking reputations. Digital marketing has finally moved from the sidelines and earned its rightful place at the table.

Today, Avignyata consists of a 13 member strong team with deep expertise in social media marketing, online reputation management SEO, Web Design and Development, mobile app development. We have worked with over 50 brands, spanning start-ups, retail giants, restaurants, banks and salons, helping them successfully navigate the digital world.

Why Avignyata?

Marketers today understand that digital is now an essential tool to help build brands, nurture them and engage consumers with relevant content. It’s no longer viewed a standalone marketing unit, which needs a separate budget. In fact, digital marketing is the one thing can tie together ALL your marketing initiatives. It should literally be at the center of your marketing universe.

However, the digital world today is riddled with landmines and goldmines in equal measure. The immediacy as well as the complete nullification of geographical constraints bring with it a world of opportunities, but also create an incredibly complex scenario.

Having travelled the course for the last eight years, we can proudly claim to have an intimate understanding of all things digital. Whether it is online reputation management or social media marketing or something more tactical, like Search Engine Optimisation; we’ve been there and done that.

The word ‘Avignyata’ means omnipresence in Sanskrit. We’ve stayed true to the name, helping our clients become omnipresent in the digital world.

So whether you are a fledging start-up or a global conglomerate, we’re here to help you navigate the muddy waters as well as the deep seas to steer your company to success.

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