February 4, 2017


Our belief and our digital strategy is all about the working parallels on

“5 Cs of Digital marketing”

Our digital marketing strategy encompasses what we like to call the 5Cs of Digital communications. This provides a powerful framework for us to ensure a comprehensive digital campaign for our clients.

Concept – Concept is at the core of our strategy and guides every activity that we undertake for our clients. Because unless there is a clear understanding of WHAT needs to be communicated, any campaign that is executed is a wasted effort.

Content – To be truly effective, you message needs to be tailored to fit the audience and the medium. Simple, powerful, relevant, content forms the cornerstone of an effective digital strategy.

Creative – Our team consists of creative whiz-kids who can understand your message and add the crucial design element, to ensure your message stands out, whether through words or images or video.

Community – Building a strong online community for your brand facilitates true engagement. A community allows for two-way communication with your stakeholders; which helps in creating a truly responsive brand. To sum up, “It’s not easy to sell, but if you have a community that trusts, you will never need to sell!”

cash – Continuity refers not only to time, but also to continuity of message across platforms whether they are owned, earned, paid. This includes media planning and buying, which is an integral part of digital outreach.