December 5, 2021

Challenges of Social Network Sites:

Every aspect has two dies, the positive and the negative. Thus there are challenges to social network sites too. We are all getting carried away with the hype and hoopla but we need to have a balanced viewpoint. It’s easy for us to be exuberantly callow. Difficult to Monetize: Even Google, the mammoth and innovative […]

Tools of social networks:

The past couple of years, largely with Facebook and Orkut growing the social networks and social computing tools having grown into the edges of mainstream, nearly every argument made against these tools and services was laid down against e-mail, rich UI desktops (people spent hours changing the colors and arranging the interfaces), and Instant Messaging […]

Social media measurement: basics

Return on investment is of most importance for any activity. Be it a new plant, a new machine, a new products Research and development or an intangible team as advertisement. Quantification makes it easy to convince a client. For a marketing team within a larger organisation or a client-facing agency, being able to quantify growth […]