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Facebook to remove its chat feature for groups

Facebook has recently made a lot of changes to its platform, with the change in image size in mobile news feed being the prominent one. However, the Californi-based company has announced to remove the chat facility from its Groups.

The chat feature for Facebook Groups was introduced last year with the sole purpose of allowing Group members to communicate with each other in real-time. However, the option to start a Messenger chat in a Group was taken away on August 16th and the rest of the shutting down process will be completed by the 22nd, as mentioned above.

After 22nd August, all the current chats in the Groups will be archived and will become read-only.  These chats will not be phased out completely though as members would still be able to search for the chat in Messenger and read the conversation history. The options to write a new message and add a participant to the Chat will no longer exist, unfortunately.

A big change to note is that Group Chats in Messenger shall not be affected by this move and users will still be able to start a group chat with whoever they are connected to on Messenger.

The new move has its fair share of pros and cons. Although the facility provided an opportunity to stay connected with fellow members, some users felt annoyed being added to random Group chats. Now only time will tell will this move be fruitful for Facebook or not in the long run.

5 super cool social media hacks you didn’t know of

Social networking sites keep coming up with new features to keep their target audience hooked onto the platform. Though it can be quite difficult to keep a track of the changes happening in the world of social media, here are a few social media hacks that’ll help you bring you’re A-game.

  1. Shake to report a problem in the Facebook app-A new feature on Facebook’s mobile version reports the problem by shaking the phone while Facebook is open. There are two ways to bring it up. The first and obvious way is to shake your phone to bring it up. The second method is to go to the hamburger tab and scroll to the very end. Expand ‘Help & Support’ and tap ‘Report a problem’ under it. The same slider should appear.
  2. Manage Twitter via SMS– Did you know that you could leverage Twitter functions via SMS? It is possible to send tweets through your mobile phone text message capabilities. You will receive a customized number that allows you to tweet, reply to tweets, favourite, follow and unfollow, send direct messages, retrieve Twitter updates and even find users.
  3. Share links on Instagram stories– Adding links on Instagram Stories is only permitted for business accounts. Business accounts can add links to their stories by tapping on the link button after recording their story.
  4. View all Your Favourite Tweets– This feature is present on your Twitter page and you can view all your favourite items. Even your followers can see these tweets. If you want to find out your liked tweets, all you have to do is go to your profile and click on the “Likes” section.
  1. Leave or Mute Group Conversations on LinkedIn– There are few things more annoying than being added to a large group conversation that you have no interest in. If and when this happens to you, we have just the tip you need. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to modify the controls of each of your conversations. To edit the controls of an individual conversation, click the three dots located in the top right corner. This will open a set of options, such as “Leave conversation”, “Mute conversation”, etc. Now choose the specified function you want to perform.

Although you don’t have to necessarily know about these social media hacks, it will be better if you’re aware to stay ahead of the rest.

Facebook adds new Slideshow button to Stories

In an attempt to popularise its Stories feature, Facebook has decided to introduce a Slideshow button which will enable users to add a still image slideshow to their story.

The update was first spotted by Matt Navara, a social media enthusiast.

The new option provides a simplified way to add a stream of images, which will play out through your Story frames. Of course, you can do this already, by selecting each image one by one for each frame, but the option will make it easier to action, which could prompt more people to try it out.

Presently, it is still possible to add multiple images to the stories on Facebook. However, the Slideshow option provides a simplified way to add a multitude of images to it and boost the usage on the platform.

Facebook’s new move is innovative and may attract its user base to use the feature more often. It will be interesting to see how the users will react to this change.

Facebook changes the image sizes of posts in Mobile News Feed

All you marketers out there here’s a big change you must know of. Facebook is implementing a big change on its mobile News Feed. Facebook is changing the aspect ratio of all the images and videos shown in the mobile News Feed. The social media giant is reducing the maximum media height for photos and videos from 2:3 to 4:5 on the mobile News Feed.

Media taller than 4:5 will be masked on Facebook’s mobile News Feed, i.e. users will have to tap into the media to view it completely.

In addition, Facebook is also limiting the amount of text shown in the mobile News Feed. From now onwards only 3 lines of primary text will show on Facebook mobile News Feed, after which people will be prompted to click to view the additional text.

The company thinks the above changes are designed to simplify the formats and improve the consistency of the user’s mobile experience and will help drive increased ad effectiveness and make it easier to use similar assets on Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed. Only time will tell how these changes impact the overall user experience of Facebook.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson – Part 2

“Maybe that’s why I never liked to put on-off switches on Apple devices.”

December 12, 1980. At the age of twenty-five Jobs was worth $256 million.

Apple’s success brought fame. October 1981 Inc. the first one followed by Time in February 1982. With picture of Jobs with his hypnotic stare, said the main story, “practically singlehanded created the personal computer industry.”

  1. Wednesday, May 29. When Scully explained the new order of battle, few acknowledged Jobs but no public displays of affection. Scully did not acknowledge Job’s presence.

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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Apple’s “Think Different” commercial, 1997.

And that sum’s up 600 pages on Steve Jobs who thought and shared “the importance of people who could stand at the intersection of humanities and sciences, and I decided that’s what I wanted to do.” Walter adds to complete “that it will be a key to creating innovative economies in the twenty-first century.” Read the rest of this entry »


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Digital marketing has made a major breakthrough in the era of technology. Search Engine Optimization is probably the most important competitive digital marketing advantage that you can have over your competition.  In the world of digitalization, you cannot simply just get online, share your content, and simply be recognized by your targeted audience. It is rather hard to get where you want to.

The digital marketers or anyone who works on or around the internet are dwelling in the world where they know that the importance of SEO cannot be questioned. Marketers work hard and worry only about rankings. Nowadays, people are jumping into the online world with only the purpose of brand management and earning money. They are familiar with the term of Search Engine Optimization, somewhat. Search engine optimization is the heart of digital marketing and some people are not even familiar with technicalities and functionality of SEO.

Some people may not be familiar with technicalities and functionality of SEO, this is where the branding agency Dubai comes in and helps, guides people, and makes them understand that SEO can double their rankings in no time, guides people, and makes them understand that SEO is indeed an essential part of digital marketing. I have compiled 6 up-to-date and result driven SEO tips for you that will help you to be #1 on Google and leave you mesmerized by the results. Here goes: Read the rest of this entry »


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Over the years, the social media networks have advanced from being an entertainment and connecting with friend’s network to an important platform for business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, it is essential to have a social media presence of your brand. This helps in bringing more traffic to the official website and promotes your brand all over the world. Social media is reached by people from every part of the world and presently, one-third of the world’s population is using the social media networks on daily basis. The most commonly used network is the Facebook followed by others like Snap Chat, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube etc. The social media marketing companies in Dubai exquisitely talk about how the social networks help in escalating a business and make it successful in the online and offline world. Thus, don’t you think making sure it is handled well is very important? Read the rest of this entry »

Book review – Leading Digital

Leading Digital : George Westerman   Didier Bonnet     Ndrew McAfee

The beginning: Are you ready?

And to add the conclusive words bring stark reality: we ain’t seen nothing yet. The barrage of technology will be so prolific that they will enter and reshape the business world.  Moore’s Law as central drumbeat of digital future says it all.

The authors focus on big companies, in industries from finance to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals. Succeeding companies are addressed by authors as Digital Masters who are 26 percent more profitable than average industry competitors, generate 9 percent more revenue with existing capacity and drive more efficiency in their existing products and processes. Read the rest of this entry »



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The dominance of online promotion of business, digital marketing, and social media services has become indispensable in the present era. The 2017 digital marketing trends report made by Consultancy and Adobe looked for an answer to the question that what is the single most exciting opportunity business team would like to avail? And guess what? Most of them brought light to the improvement of the customer experience. The customer experience and the online experience go hand in hand. When the marketing team posts something on their website or social media platform, the first thing they think about is how the viewers are going to perceive it. Their focus is centered upon the experience the viewers are supposed to enjoy. Only after looking at your website through the viewer’s eyes you can know what’s important and what not. Thus, to help you offer an original and effective online experience to the website visitors, here are some of the golden hints you need to take. Read the rest of this entry »