February 25, 2024

11 key trends of digital marketing industry in 2016

The year 2015 left several marks for us in the technological and digital domain such as preference towards big data by companies. Companies were massively dealing with analytics regarding sales, search activity and site interactions. Technological trends like growth of personalized advertising due to the presence of apps with a good User Interface design (UI) were experienced. Progressing of these factors will be a possibility in future along with the following trends. Thus, the phase of technology and digital marketing is developing at a greater pace than before.

Following are the 11 key trends you will experience in 2016:

  1. Wearable technological products will emerge in terms of consumption. The mass adoption of wearable technology mainly wrist watches are been observed now and expected to augment more in future. This would be precisely be a fitness trend and will benefit the people in terms of fitness. Statistics suggest that wearable devices market in global context by 2018 will increase by 50-60$ in revenue. Surprisingly and not many know that such technology will include fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking systems. These products also include smart sensors and make use of a web connection, usually Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to smart phone.
  2. More time will be devoted on personal devices. The significance of mobile search, mobile optimizations and mobile presence will increase. The fact of mobile friendly websites has its own importance. According to the algorithm launched by Google in 2015, it will favor mobile responsive websites in terms of ranking. Facts indicate that there are more online searches through a smartphone rather than a desktop. “Mobilegeddon” was launched in 2015 and this technological tendency is bound to flourish in future. Online searches in context of US and Japan are happening on mobile devices, laptops, tablets than on computers.
  3. Social selling will happen. Enough has been articulated about social networking sites for their interactivity. The misconception that Social media is just about being social needs to modify. It’s a lot more with ‘social selling’ that will prosper in future. Maintaining trust with potential investors, colleagues, clients and customers along with strengthening a relation with them forms an integral part of social selling. Selling ideas forms the basis of this that will lead to winning potential customers and entrepreneurs. Facts indicate that there will be more social selling that will prevail on Social Media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter along with the buy button.
  4. The consumption of video content will be prominent and acclaimed. Statistics say that overall online consumption in India has increased to 3.7 billion videos per month. And this figure is set to increase in 2016.
  5. The emergence of interest based influencers is gaining its deserving level of attention too. Blogs present on the World Wide Web are persuasive and influence us in a certain way based on our interest. Blogs that are focusing on food, real estate or for example fashion blogs and other online communities will increase the level of influence they have on us.
  6. Social ads will be more prominent. The digital ad spend is expected to progress in 2016 than television as a medium. According to the search engine journal it will improvise by 13.5% and will be more than television which has been considered the biggest source of advertising till date. Side note, Television programming will have competition to the advent of Netflix.
  1. The perceptions towards Computer programming, designing process, testing and other factors have always been developing and will take a step further in 2016.The web designer of today needs to learn and be well equipped with HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other content Management Systems. There is advancement in technology and decline in consumer patience. Hence user experience (UX) has become a top priority.
  2. Your image search will become more powerful. Relevance, precision and accuracy combined with quick results will be provided by the search engines. You will soon get to experience the most comprehensive image search on the web
  3. New payment methods are also emerging. In 2016, e money accounts, wallets are also expected to develop in terms of preference. Internet banking and payment through smartphones, tablets, iPad along with international e-commerce with more of online transactions are expected to be witnessed in 2016.
  4. Content will be more target audience based than mass adoption. Content on all platforms like social media, print media, digital media and broadcast media will be produced on the basis of target audience. The focus will be on the target audience. In 2016, defining the target audience even better psychographics and demographics will matter and make a lot of difference to your business. It will also be beneficial and will lead to profits for your business in big way.
  5. Ecommerce companies will manage the contact details that are data for them in a big way. These sources and contact details will be preserved and used for better prospects for the future in 2016.

All these trends as an entrepreneurs are prominent facts of 2016 for your business. Usage and consumption will be in the forefront in terms of these domains. Digital Technology will for sure keep improvising but we as digital marketing entrepreneurs must surely keep pace with it.


Moksh Juneja

Avignyata Inc.


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